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Rest Area for a Busy Life

Vitrine, 06.11 - 06.28.2021


oh rest now here and there
reach out your arms
on your feet and on your toes
bring your hands apart
from your chest, straight through your hair
so you slowly go to your legs
caress your heart, count the beating there
stretch your fingers one by one
yes breathe
and walk slowly towards it


In 2018 I made Rest Area for a Busy Life, 11 digital photo works with a poem. With a new Vitrine, the work continues and I have divided each area into 11 sub-areas.

The series starts with Source Area, the other areas are based on that. A specific theme has been assigned to each sub-area, which carries a desire to relax and find peace in that specific sub-area.

The work consists of 11 works in tile format: Wish on the wall. In addition, 11 greeting cards for rest have been made to give yourself, or someone else, rest in a sub-area.


Series: Rest Area for a Busy Life
Collections: Along Land

11 single works
Year: 2018 / 2021

If you have any questions or wishes about the works, for example, shipping, material or dimensions, please feel free to contact me at

Hans Jeths


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